A Crossing: A Cyclist's Journey Home by Brian Newhouse

December 9, 2007
1 min. read

This book was an incredible read. Brian starts his trek by dipping his wheel in the Pacific Ocean and heading east.

Follow Brian across the United States and learn of his internal conflicts and pressures that time alone on a bicycle set free. Raised in a fundimentalist Christian home, he is searching for the method of understanding his relationship with his father and his spirituality.You do not have to ride a bicycle to enjoy this book.

I have not found a story that better describes the complex characteristics men use to shield and suppress their emotions. Towards the end, I was broken up as some of Brian’s relationship with his father mirrored mine. This book has been a catalyst in changing those parts of my relationship that were lacking.

Don’t let me make you think that the entire book is a serious soul searching saga. The crisp description of this cross country experience is dotted with experiences and characters such as the First Church of the Absurb member, Brian runs into along the way.

While there are some stories during the trip that I wish were more developed, I think you will enjoy reading through this deeply touching book.

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