Bicycling Coast to Coast by Donna Ikenberry

December 15, 2007
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As soon as I realized that my recumbent would allow me to complete my dream of riding a bicycle across the country, I started research all over the web. While reading through the many trip reports of coast to coast touring cyclists, two things became clear.

First, I would be riding the TransAmerica Trail created by Adventure Cycling in 1976 (the year of my birth).

Second, I should purchase, read, re-read, and take along Donna’s book.

I have read through Donna’s book at least once. It is divided into 82 days worth of riding to cross the country, so I often will read a few of the day accounts at a time. Normally I read sections to compare and contrast them with other on-line travelogues, jotting notes in the book. Each day has a literary description of the ride, followed with turn by turn directions and points of interest. This book was published in 1996, so you should not take it as gospel that “Joe Blowe’s Convienient Mart” will still be there. As an adventure cyclist, you wouldn’t always want to know, would you?

This book can get you across the country without a problem, however, you should use it along with the excellent maps provided by Adventure Cycling. These maps are a cyclist dream, without all of the pitfalls contained in standard road maps. Do you wonder which of the nearest towns have a bike shop, or a post office, or a laundry mat? It’s on the map. The many Adventure Cycling trips across the country every year keep the maps as up to date as possible.

I’m left in May of 2002, with this book in my bag, to spend 4 months riding across this great country of ours.

When are you leaving?

Bicycling Coast to Coast: A Complete Route Guide Virginia to Oregon ISBN: 0898864682 at Amazon

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