I’ll be describing the construction of the gray panniers located directly under my seat.

I was unable to find a pannier set that works exactly as I would like for the under-seat rack on my RANS Rocket. I like the panniers made by Arkel of all the panniers I have looked at and used. However, it was impossible to find a size that worked exactly for me.

I decided to make my own set tailored (quite literally) exactly to my needs and I borrowed quite a bit from Arkel’s design work. Below is a description of the process for those who would like to do the same.

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Dry bag for inside panniers, purchased from Arkel

I searched without success for a lightweight, waterproof bag to protect my Martin Backpacker Guitar. Typical dry bags used for water sports are overbuilt for bicycle touring and backpacking use, where weight is a very large factor. They use clear vinyl or heavier vinyl coated cloth and weigh many pounds. This article describes the process I went through to make my own custom lightweight waterproof bags for touring and backpacking.

I ordered …

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or How not to look Stupid and Burn Down a House

Note: This was an article written for a now defunct site about film making. Thus, the intended audience of the article a low budget independent film maker. I wrote this to address may of the problems I witnessed on various sets. However, this applies to everyone that uses extension cords for anything.

This article is going to be a little technical and possibly boring to some, but the subject is important. I’m an Electrical Engineer, who also works on films, so I tend to take all of this knowledge for granted. The math involved is really simple, so hopefully this will be more educational than painful for those of you who hate math.

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Quick Prototype of Vision Seat “Camp Chair”

I am almost fully equipped for touring on my Vision Recumbent with a BOB trialer for cargo. However, I really think a good camp seat would be nice. The only problem with that is the weight must go up the hills. The seat on the Vision is removable by lossening the back mount and removing the bottom pivot mount. This should take only a minute or so to do.

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