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Sign from Hwy 5 (John Tyler Memorial Highway)

Sherwood Forest was the first plantation I visited today along Hwy 5. It holds a few distinctions, such as the only private residence having been owned by two unrelated presidents. William Henry Harrison inherited the property in 1790 and sold it in 1793 without having every lived in the house.

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Loaded and ready to go, once I stow my drying shirt.

I had a good night’s sleep, despite the temperature. I thought about not bringing my 20 degree bag and purchasing a warmer weather bag to take up less space and weight. I’m thrilled that I didn’t talk myself into it. I needed every bit of that bag to stay warm last night. I woke just before 7, refreshed and with my headache gone. I’m sure that drinking water throughout the night helped counter the dehydration and altitude effects. I immediately went to get my $22 worth of hot shower.

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Dave Knight (left) and my dad (right) about to pilot the Baron from Bowman Field in Louisville, KY.

The bicycle tourist is greeted with two choices when starting their tour. Do I ride away from my home or pack up everything and take alternate transportation to the start? For local tours, the loop method is a good idea. Start off in one direction and ride in a big loop until you end up back home. If I had a year’s time, not just a couple months, I would enjoy a loop tour of the US. It would be ideal to leave Indiana, riding in the northern states during the warmer months and the southern states during the cooler months. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the few extra weeks it would take to get to Virginia. My dad has some good flying friends with access to a large enough plane to get us out to the start.

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Today I completely loaded up my RANS Rocket. I’ve built many custom components to make it into a cross-country touring machine. Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much time getting ready for the trip as I wanted. Work pressed into taking far too much of my time, so both equipment and physical shape preparation was lacking. I will just have to get in shape by doing.

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I have just finished building my first rear wheel using The Bicycle Wheel as a guide. This book will teach you the technical aspects of the bicycle wheel in both structural principles and practical methods. After a couple hundred miles on my new wheel, it is still true as an arrow.

This book debunks myths and gives you the confidence to repair, build, and rebuild wheels. I can honestly say that I no longer fear any wheel repairs. It has …

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Quick Prototype of Vision Seat “Camp Chair”

I am almost fully equipped for touring on my Vision Recumbent with a BOB trialer for cargo. However, I really think a good camp seat would be nice. The only problem with that is the weight must go up the hills. The seat on the Vision is removable by lossening the back mount and removing the bottom pivot mount. This should take only a minute or so to do.

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