Mostly build Smart Domino board top.

I received my boards from the DorkbotPDX group order. While the purple solder mask is “interesting”. The board quality is beautiful. This was the first SMD soldering I’ve ever done. I started with tinning the pads with my normal iron and normal solder. I wanted to try that and see how it compares with solder paste I’ll use later. Then I put some tack flux on top of the solder with a …

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First Smart Domino prototype board.

I got a kick out of the Le Dominoux project for the 555 contest. I thought about making a few to mess around with. This would be a good project to practice some manual SMD soldering skills. I haven’t worked with SMD at all. (Yes, I know that the Le Dominoux was through hole constructed, but I planned on mine being SMD.)

I priced SMD, resistors, caps, LEDs, and 555s. Then I wondered how …

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3.3V LDO Regulator soldered to USB jack

The AVR ISP II is a device to program an AVR microcontroller using a 6 pin header in a circuit. It does not contain any capability to power the circuit being programmed. This could be very handy.

Dave Jones at the EEVBlog has a video about adding power to the ISP cable, using an LM317 to provide both 5V and 3.3V. The issue with this, as he stated, was that the …

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I studied for a month or so and re-learned quite a bit of electronics for AC circuits. Resistance, Reactance, Polar Impedance. I took the test on the morning of February 5th and missed 1 out of 50. So now I am an Extra Class Licensed Ham Radio operator. No more tests to take. This is as high as it gets.

I am still working on what type of antenna to put up. I will probably do an 80 meter dipole …

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Years ago, Dad and I attended meetings for Amateur Radio at the local Red Cross building in Jeffersonville. We both worked through passing the 5 words per minute Morse Code and test to get our Novice license and then studied and passed the test for Technician Class. I was licensed in 1990 and expired in 2000. Just when I was starting work in the “Real World”, outside of college. I didn’t bother renewing.

A thread on a board I …

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