Warning: An Experience

Dark Chocolate Dipped Ginger Altoids. Yes, it sounds weird. I don’t understand how they made it through marketing. I don’t think they had any type of focus group for these. I have a rule that I will try anything once, as long as there isn’t a high likelihood of death. I think this is why blowfish is so expensive, for the malpractice insurance for those that die after eating it. I don’t plan …

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Unfortunately, I am easily bored. My mind wandered during a meeting at work today as we were talking about leveraging your strengths. So I started drawing on my notepad.

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I’m a geek, no doubt about it. Only a geek would notice that today is special. The date is 2^1/2^2/2^3 or 2/4/08. At 4:32 PM or 16:32, we have a time of 2^4:2^5. Sadly there are not 64 seconds.

Yes, and I AM aware that most places that describe dates in a sane way (like everywhere but the US), will have this day in April. :)

So enjoy …

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This is why you’re not allowed to play in the cockpit!!

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Actual Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Transcripts and pictures of the destruction below:

Mechanic #1: “Hey Bob, I really don’t think were supposed to be up here.”

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