My wife and I left webOS when HP flushed their 3 year plan to revamp webOS down the toilet. We tested both Android and Windows Phone. Android is a multitasking joke. Coming from webOS, it has a terrible UI. Windows Phone has very nice flowing UI. We decided to go to Windows Phone.

Microsoft representatives promised to get phones and development credits to webOS programmers. Despite many requests, it turned out to be a bunch of hot air. Sadly, this …

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Zune podcast functionality on Windows Phone Mango was obviously designed by someone who never listens to podcasts.  I’ve tried to use it over the last three weeks and it is an exercise in futility.

There is one glaring problems that needs to be addressed before it is close to usable.  It all comes down to episode management.  Unfortunately, this is the most important factor of any podcast solution.

Order is allowed, for either oldest first or newest first.  This …

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