As soon as I realized that my recumbent would allow me to complete my dream of riding a bicycle across the country, I started research all over the web. While reading through the many trip reports of coast to coast touring cyclists, two things became clear. First, I would be riding the TransAmerica trail created by Adventure Cycling in 1976 (the year of my birth). Second, I should purchase, read, re-read, and take along Donna’s book.

I have read …

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I’ll be describing the construction of the gray panniers located directly under my seat.

I was unable to find a pannier set that works exactly as I would like for the under-seat rack on my RANS Rocket. I like the panniers made by Arkel of all the panniers I have looked at and used. However, it was impossible to find a size that worked exactly for me.

I decided to make my own set tailored (quite literally) exactly to my needs and I borrowed quite a bit from Arkel’s design work. Below is a description of the process for those who would like to do the same.

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This book was an incredible read. Brian starts his trek by dipping his wheel in the Pacific Ocean and heading east. Follow Brian across the United States and learn of his internal conflicts and pressures that time alone on a bicycle set free. Raised in a fundimentalist Christian home, he is searching for the method of understanding his relationship with his father and his spirituality.You do not have to ride a bicycle to enjoy this book. I have not …

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I have been asked many times why I wanted to ride a bicycle across the county. Having completed the trip, the question became easy to answer. It was not as easy to answer before I left.

I am a bicentennial baby, born in 1976. This is the same year the Bikecentennial route was created as a celebration of our 200 years as a country. Thousands of cyclists rode across the country on that route during the innagural year. Many thousands …

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I have not found a way to better describe this book than the first sentence inside the dust cover. “It’s as if Dave Barry and Charles Kuralt squeezed together onto a bicycle to pedal across America and around the world, filing outrageous dispatches along the way.”

Indeed, many times while reading I felt as if I was watching the well done Sunday morning stories where the common man or the small town are shown in all of their glory. Those stories that aren’t as touching will give you a great laugh.

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June at the famous water sign

I woke up at around 8 AM, when June came into the bike house. She told me not to get up, but I told her to come on in. We sat and talked for an hour about some of the people that had come through before and about how modern times are so much different than old times. I was able to talk with June a couple of times throughout the day and had …

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Bicycle at the back room of the house

This post is almost entirely pictures. I spent two days at the bike house and filled up my 1 GB memory cards more than a few times.

Yes, yes. Those of you from the future are rolling your eyes at 1 GB. Even I am a little as I’m posting this to the new site. But 1 GB WAS big in 2002.

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Taking a break under some shade and getting some water

I adjusted my kickstand mount that was working loose this morning. Checkout time was noon and I got out of my room at 12:05. I actually had to rush to get packed up by noon. Then I got to wait about 10 minutes for an empty elevator going down. People were not agreeable to share an elevator with my bike and its 2 spare inches.

I stopped for lunch at the same bagel place I ate at yesterday. I just wasn’t ready to get riding in the 90+ degree heat. It seems fine when you are already riding, but hard to get going when you have been in air conditioning for the morning. I think it is much like slowly raising the water temperature to boil a frog, where tossing them in a boiling pot will just make them jump out.

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