I’m slowly working my way through Trans-Am entries. If you don’t see updates after a week or so, and are interested, pester me with one of the methods below. :)

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June at the famous water sign

I woke up at around 8 AM, when June came into the bike house. She told me not to get up, but I told her to come on in. We sat and talked for an hour about some of the people that had come through before and about how modern times are so much different than old times. I was able to talk with June a couple of times throughout the day and had …

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Bicycle at the back room of the house

This post is almost entirely pictures. I spent two days at the bike house and filled up my 1 GB memory cards more than a few times.

Yes, yes. Those of you from the future are rolling your eyes at 1 GB. Even I am a little as I’m posting this to the new site. But 1 GB WAS big in 2002.

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Taking a break under some shade and getting some water

I adjusted my kickstand mount that was working loose this morning. Checkout time was noon and I got out of my room at 12:05. I actually had to rush to get packed up by noon. Then I got to wait about 10 minutes for an empty elevator going down. People were not agreeable to share an elevator with my bike and its 2 spare inches.

I stopped for lunch at the same bagel place I ate at yesterday. I just wasn’t ready to get riding in the 90+ degree heat. It seems fine when you are already riding, but hard to get going when you have been in air conditioning for the morning. I think it is much like slowly raising the water temperature to boil a frog, where tossing them in a boiling pot will just make them jump out.

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Small store that unfortunately wasn’t open yet.

The jails in Palmyra, VA are pretty nice. The officer arrested me around 2 AM and confiscated all of my gear.

Just kidding! I didn’t have any problems with camping at the boat ramp last night. Traffic on 15 started to slow around 10 PM and I fell asleep shortly after sending out my emails. I woke up just before 6 and started packing up. I left Palmyra at 6:30 and started my race with traffic to Charlottesville.

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Dawn quietly cracking

I woke up just before dawn cracked at 5:45. I had packed up everything but my sleeping gear before I went to bed, because I wanted to secure as much of it as I could from any animal or other visitors. I was out of the campground before 6. I still couldn’t find anyone to check in with, so I dropped off a couple singles in the slot near the closed sign, which I felt was far more than the accommodations were worth.

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My view while sleeping.

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My tent’s view of me the last two nights.

Before willing myself out of my warm sleeping bag, I snapped a picture of my view. I rose into the cold and decided on a cold breakfast to keep with the theme. I finished off my first pack of Fig Newtons and had a mug of Gatorade (my morning drink of choice for that last few days.) The early Gatorade seems to give my muscles what they need to start out. I knew I would be having an early lunch, as I planned to go into Ashland today.

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Willis Church Campsite in the Morning.

I didn’t get a chance to finish typing up my journal and answer emails before bed yesterday. While eating and writing, the temperature dove off a cliff. The food from my cook stove was warming for a while, but with the food and hot tea gone, night’s chill started winning the battle. Last night was cooler than my first night on tour. Not being near a big city might have been a factor.

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