Implementing a Series in Hugo

in tech     7 min. read

August 3, 2017

Goal In converting my Pelican blog over to Hugo, I needed to learn a new templating system. I miss a few things that Pelican did, like categories based on folders and not front matter. However, I can see advantages of allowing more organization in these folders, without affecting final position on the web. One glaring miss was the idea of series links. I have been trying to add photos and complete conversion of my travel journal into posts for my Trans-Am bicycle trip in 2002.

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Moved from Pelican to Hugo

in tech     3 min. read

August 1, 2017

I’ve used Python as my main programming language for a few years. When my Word Press was hacked and defaced yet again, I finally decided to rebuild my website with a static generator and host on GitHub. I leaned towards Pelican, due to the Python base that I thought I could modify if I needed. And I hoped that I could get it to work easily. I did get everything converted over to .

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