Vision Seat Camp Chair

May 31, 2005
1 min. read

I am almost fully equipped for touring on my Vision Recumbent with a BOB trailer for cargo. However, I really think a good camp seat would be nice. The only problem with that is the weight must go up the hills. The seat on the Vision is removable by loosening the back mount and removing the bottom pivot mount. This should take only a minute or so to do.

I am toying with the idea of making a chair bottom for it. This would need to be 6061 aluminum to allow for the welding, but it still might weigh more than it is worth. Here is some early sketches that I am playing around with.

The seat bottom rear piece is a rectangle with the bottom a slightly oversized tube to allow it to pivot in the bottom triangle. This render shows the bottom folded how it would ride on the top of the BOB trailer.

Note: This design never went past the 3D model stage. I now am using a RANS Rocket for touring, but I will keep this page here, in case someone else want to try this. Please let me know if you do!

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