What an Engagement!

March 18, 2008
3 min. read

Today I read of an engagement gone seriously wrong. Although, reading through the article I realized that had I been in that situation, things would have gone differently. Amy and I are a little different than the two in the article.

The incident started with a man concealing his $12,000 engagement ring in a helium balloon, with the idea of actually ‘popping’ the question. I don’t understand why he had not attached the balloon to something of a greater weight than the buoyancy. Long story short, his plans of proposing went up, up, and away with the ring. After following it for a couple miles in the car, he lost the ring.

Two thoughts came to mind after reading this. First, I don’t remember a balloon clause in the Scheduled Insurance coverage I purchased to cover the ring I gave Amy. Would you be able to file a claim for it as if you just lost it? If you didn’t have some type of insurance on a $12k ring, you are a moron. Of course, if you let said ring fly off in a balloon you could also be classified a moron.

Second, a quote from the article. “But I had to tell her the story – she went absolutely mad. Now she is refusing to speak to me until I get her a new ring.” All I think of is what a materialistic little brat she sounds like.

If the woman I hoped to propose to would no longer talk to me until I bought her another $12,000 ring, after losing the first, I would chock it up to a cheap lesson. For $12,000, I would have found out her true nature and start running (not walking) away. It would save much bigger losses in the future, both emotionally and monetarily.  Perhaps she was just mad that he didn’t get a big enough ring to keep the balloon from flying away?

If this happened to me, Amy and I would share the sad laughter of the futility of the situation. I know at first I would probably tell her that she would have to work for her ring, then point to the balloon quickly gaining altitude and tell her it is in there. But I deal with stress by using humor. She would say yes anyway and I would go buy a duplicate ring in CZ until I could replace it with a real diamond.

What else can I say, I think Amy is a better person than the woman in the article. That is why I picked her.

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